SRC Recruitment LLP

SRC Recruitment is a Singapore based employment agency that provides foreign domestic helper. Mr Chris Koh, 29, owner of SRC Recruitment LLP saw an opportunity in the service line industry back in 2010 and decided to setup up a domestic helper company.

Now, Mr Koh manages 2 outlets, which are located at Orchard and Katong area respectively.

Contact details:

SRC Recruitment LLP 545

Orchard Road #04-35

Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882



DocuWare is a premium document management software originated from Germany and have gain presence in Singapore since 2000. DocuWare is a scalable and out of box solution which gives you the flexibility to increase the capability and functionality of a DMS.



Prior to implementing a document management system, SRC Recruitment LLP had to manually sort the documents and do the traditional filing of hard copy documents. SRC Recruitment has offices at 2 locations and there was no central filing of resume and bio data. It is common to transfer documents via email and when the attachment is too big, they would have to source for alternative method. For SRC Recruitment LLP, it is important to ensure that the contracts and applications agreement are renewed promptly. It was also crucial for SRC Recruitment LLP that the documents are being stored in a secured environment as the employee/client documents contains confidential information.



DocuWare was proposed to SRC Recruitment LLP to address the needs, which is a document management system that able to manage the documents that produces greater efficiency and productivity. DocuWare replaces the paper-based filing system to a digital solution, which give the employees streamlined access to the business document. DocuWare was a central and consolidate e-filing system, which provides for a smooth and rapid information flow. As the office is located at a high rental prime location, space is a crucial cost saving factor.

With DocuWare, the e-filing system has frees up the physical storage space for paper documents and able to maximize use the office space. With the help of DocuWare, SRC Recruitment LLP is able to keep track of all the documents including expiry of employment contracts and applications. With the DocuWare search functionality, it allows them to search and retrieve of documents that is required for renewal of contracts based on specific period timeframe.

“With the help of DocuWare, I do not need to worry about business continuity as my documents (which includes confidential information) are securely e-stored in DocuWare. And the best part is, I no longer need to lock up the metal cabinets to keep the confidential documents, all I need to do now is to give user permission to access to certain type of documents. ” Mr Chris Koh, owner of SRC Recruitment LLP.