Hong Hock Hardware

Hong Hock Hardware Pte Ltd

Uses Docuware for documentation, which reduces the likelihood of human error, and also for ease of retrieval.

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LQ Insurance Agency Pte Ltd

Overwhelmed by a large volume of paperwork & documents, it was difficult to keep up with their optimal service uptime. LQ Insurance Agency Pte Ltd sought for a solution in DocuWare to house keep their documentation database and to lubricate business processes.

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JTE Recruit

JTE Recruit Pte Ltd

Recruitment agencies rely on huge capacities of documents to run its business day-to-day. CVs, employer referrals, educational certificates are simple constituents from a job’s applicant’s submission, now multiply that figure to 600. JTE Recruit Pte Ltd relies on DocuWare to fully administer the documentation process, and has yielded outstanding results.

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HydraTech Industries Pte Ltd Logo

HydraTech Industries Pte Ltd

Understanding the importance of professional document management, Hydratech Industries Pte Ltd sought for a competitive edge through the implementation of DocuWare. Retrieval & response times became fast, accurate and rapid, ensuring service quality and significant error reductions.

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