Data capture can be a costly business in terms of resources, preparation time, quality control and indexing of documents. Why not consider outsourcing your document scanning requirements, leave us to select the right service bureau to capture your vital business records and leave your staff to concentrate on their main tasks.

Pericom introduces its new outsourcing scanning services to bring the highest quality bureau services from its selected list of service bureaus registered with Pericom, to our clients. Services include:

  • Scanning for data entry
  • Scanning for conversion of text (OCR) and pdf
  • CD Publishing

Your files, documents reports etc are collected, prepared, indexed and converted to permanent and legally exact “image files”. This will allow you to have your documents, files, and computer output, confidentially converted to permanent digital files, in a controlled bureau environment. The indexed images will be returned to you on your choice of media.

For more information, please email or call Tel: +65 6684 5500