Go digital with DocuWare

DocuWare is a state of the art browser-based Document Management System (DMS) to administer all your documents in the office. By consolidating every document into a one location, users can easily access shared information easily through one central channel. Through its unique indexing system, documents are no longer identified through just their file names. Instead, they each carry configurable indexes for a faster and more efficient retrieval process.

This software automatically files documents based on your criteria, regardless of their source or formats. This means that both paper and electronic documents such as correspondence, records, email, CAD, spool files etc can be stored, shared and managed productively. DocuWare’s high level of scalability enables seamless installation into existing IT environments as well as integration with third party applications or enterprise-wide systems.

DocuWare also contains administrative & managerial functions as deliverance to a complete enterprise content management tool. Access to the document database is secured, controlled and logged through its version management and audit trail features. Integrated functions with Microsoft Office and Outlook are examples of how you can revamp administrative/business processes by reducing reliance on hard-copy documents, and eventually molding your office into a paper-less environment.


  • Electronically store, search and retrieve documents from one central repository
  • Instantly access files from anywhere – on a computer or mobile device
  • Automatically index critical data and improve search capabilities
  • Automate business processes with powerful workflows
  • Integrate with multiple IT systems, including CRM and ERP
  • Achieve the highest levels of security and control for your critical documents


  • Consolidation of all documents in the office with higher levels of accessibility, efficiency & transparency
  • An overall systematic & consistent management of documents to streamline work processes
  • Enhanced document search process with an in-built Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine & full-text search
  • Comprehensive access rights configuration & document version management to enforce a secured work-environment
  • To kick-start the digitalization process in the office and reduce reliance on hard-copy documents

Grants Available

As Pericom Imaging is an Integrated Solutions Provider that is endorsed by Spring Singapore, there are grants available when dealing with our products. The available grants that can be used for this software are: