Company Profile

Founded in 1987, Pericom Imaging is a leading solution provider with headquarters in Singapore.
We specialise in enterprise document imaging, data extraction and workflow solutions to help organisations enhance cost controls, productivity and content-sharing across distributed locations.

Providing enterprise form processing, workflow fluidity, document-to-image functionalities as well as the seamless integration of enterprise applications, we formulate capabilities to help companies distinguish unstructured information sources to work across departmental & geographical boundaries. This implementation brings value, time-saving efficiency & consistency to the people, processes, portals and applications that require them.

The modularity and scalability of our solutions possesses the flexibility to address both departmental goals as well as more complex, large-scaled enterprise wide implementations.

Our Mission

Pericom Imaging’s mission is to provide innovative, scalable & sustainable leading imaging solutions for our clientele, simultaneously contribute positively to our environment and community. Through our delivery, we bridge the gap between current technologies and that of the new millennium, made available by our roster of strategic partners.

Our Vision

The corporate vision of Pericom Imaging is to expedite our business growth and create value for our shareholders and clientele through efficient, reliable & responsible delivery of our products and solutions. This mentality is underpinned by our commitment to develop strong and valued relationships with our customers, regulators, suppliers and communities. The resulting long-term sustainability stands strong as an integral & motivational component of our overall business strategy.